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How To Pick Up Women On Adult Dating Sites

How Can I Pick Up A Woman Online: The Experts Reveal Everything

Guys, are you interested in knowing how to find a woman online successfully? An expert sat down to give his advice on how to do it without coming off as needy, desperate, or a jerk.


Women want to know a guy is capable of having a real conversation. Women are not interested in guys who are just there for a “hook up.” You are not going to get very far if you are only after sex. Go to a bar or joint if you want that.

You need to find something relevant posted on her profile to work into the conversation. Hint: it cannot be something silly or random, such as the weather. Girls need to know that you are interested in them for more than their body.

2)Sense of Humor

Women love a sense of humor. The one thing they do not “love” is your standard pick up lines.

“I got the moves like Jagger.”
Maroon Five

Save that for Maroon Five to sing about. Swagger is not going to work either. In other words, do not try to be something or someone you are not. Women want guys to be themselves, even if you are a bit on the dorky side. Girls appreciate that kind of honesty.

Guys are under the assumption that women love a “Don Juan.” The only place that works well is under the sheets. You are not there yet. You are just starting to talk. Girls can sense when a guy lets their ego take control. They can sense when the guy is “putting on a show” even online.

3)Deal Breakers and Personal Information

I cannot tell you how needy those guys sound. You are in the “getting to know you” phase. Keep things cool and low-key.

” I cannot wait to go on a date with her. Maybe put some babies up in there.”
Raj, The Big Bang Theory

Those of you who watch the Big Bang Theory( one of my favorite shows) you may remember the episode when Raj said this. Raj had not even gone out with the girl yet. They just met through a chance encounter. She found out how he felt because he was video recorded saying this, without him knowing it.

The point is, you do not want to be like Raj from Big Bang. Try to learn from his mistakes. There is a right time to ask about deal breakers and kids, but that time is not now. The right time to talk about personal details is after you have been together for a while and it looks as though you two are getting serious.


Girls want a guy to be interested in a lot of things. It is the same for us gay guys. We want to be with a guy who is unique and not limited in his conversational pieces. We want a man to like lots of things. Women are the same way. You have to show her right away how diverse you are. You can show it in the images you post or the things you say. The point is, you really have to show her you are not like the rest.

5)Meeting Her

Holding a great conversation online is good, but you need to move it to the next phase quickly. Women are not going to keep chatting with someone online who has no interest in “sealing the deal.” I am not talking about sex because that is creepy. I am talking about meeting her in person. Women want to know their online chats are leading to something, especially something more serious. However, you want to take your time with this. You do not want to move too slow, but, moving too quick too fast could scare her off.